National POW/MIA Flag Presented to the Citrus County School District

National POW/MIA Flag Presented to the Citrus County School District

On Jan 10, a POW/MIA Flag was presented to the Citrus County School Board to Superintendent Sam Himmel at the  district offices by Rolling Thunder Florida Chapter 7.  Last year Dr. Trish Kallenbach, Education Committee Chairperson for the Rolling Thunder, Florida Chapter 7, gave a presentation donating  our Nation’s second National Flag, the POW/MIA flag, at our schools.

(Click above to see video of presentation)

I want to thank Rolling Thunder and Florida Chapter 7 for these great flags and for their commitment to our Nation’s POW/MIA, veterans, fallen service men and women and their families.

I believe theses flags will continue to be a beacon helping our students remember what has been sacrificed to allow and provide the great opportunity of learning knowledge each day.  From the words of one my heroes, retired Crystal River High School teacher and former Vietnam POW Capt. Richard Tangeman,  who spent approximately five years of imprisonment at Hoa Lo Prison (a.k.a. “Hanoi Hilton”),  “Don’t let the MIAs or their families be forgottenNow that we are home, please transfer the support you have shown us, the returned POWs, to the effort of aiding the MIA families in their search for knowledge concerning their heroic loved ones. These families still face the pain and problems connected with the absence of their husbands, fathers and sons. God bless your efforts in the past – and those in the future.”

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