Two Articles on Common Core Worth Reading

myths or factsTwo Articles on Common Core Worth Reading

Here are two recent article that I feel helped to talk about some of the misinformation going around about the Common Core State Standards.

  • Florida charter & private school groups: So much misinformation about Common Core –“An advocacy group for charter school parents in Florida is warning its parents about widely circulating myths regarding Common Core State Standards. While the recent newsletter from Parents for Charter Schools doesn’t endorse Common Core, it does attempt to dispel what it says are a few misleading statements – and in tone, its language echoes that of Common Core supporters.”
  • Distortions on Common Core –“As Florida surges toward full implementation of Common Core State Standards for its public schools, the din is rising from some fronts to pull back. Gov. Rick Scott, whose tea party base offers perhaps the most strident opposition, is listening. In open forums Scott requested last week, people stepped forward to give their views. Criticism ranged from what’s taught in English class all the way to conspiracy theories involving iris scans.”

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